International Nutrition, Health Literacy and Education Conference

February 11th, 2022


The year 2022 confronted the whole world with an unexpected pandemic crisis. All sectors, especially the health and education sector, were affected by this crisis at different levels. This period was also a period in which new experiences, needs and awareness emerged in education. In this sense, nutrition, health literacy and education have gained critical importance as part of the community health and lifelong learning process.

Nurition And Health Literarcy

Health literacy is now emerging as a key determinant for health promotion. Accessing information sources for protecting and improving health, reading and understanding the information, making the right decisions in the light of this information and implementing these decisions are possible only by being a health literate. Health promotion, protection and maintenance of good health are fundamental issues of health communication1. According to the survey results, health literacy level of 7 out of 10 people in Turkey was detected at low levels. It is stated that as the level of health literacy decreases, the incidence of chronic diseases also increases2. However, there is no reference usage in 40% of the news on health and nutrition reflected in the media3.


The Conference

The Sabri Ulker Food Research Foundation was established in 2009 to support information on food, nutrition and health reaching the public. Balance Nutrition Project carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Education-Directorate General for Basic Education, in 21 provinces in Turkey is a nutrition education programs for children of primary school age. In addition, with the “For Accurate Science” platform, which we established to avoid confusion in the field of health and nutrition, current issues, scientific and most up-to-date information on health and nutrition are shared with the public in an understandable language with an impartial interpretation. With the "International Nutrition, Health Literacy and Education Conference", the concepts of nutrition, changes in education and nutrition and health literacy will be discussed in a multidisciplinary manner during the COVID-19 outbreak.