Ast. Prof. Dr. Ece Varlık Özsoy

Akdeniz University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Psychology

She graduated from the Ankara University Psychology Department in the Faculty of Language, History and Geography of   in 2004. She completed her master's degree at Hacettepe University in the Institute of Social Sciences Clinical Psychology program in 2006 and her PhD at the Institute of Social Sciences Clinical Psychology program of Ankara University in 2016. In her master’s thesis, she examined the cognitive mechanisms involved in eating disorders. In her doctoral dissertation, she investigated attachment and information processing processes in anxiety disorders. She was appointed as a specialist to the Branch Office of Probation and Assistance Centre of the Ministry of Justice, General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Centres in Ankara and was then appointed Head of Department and worked as a specialist in the Child Probation Branch for 4 years. She played an active role in many EU projects during this time. She began working as a lecturer at Akdeniz University, in the Faculty of Education, Department of Guidance and Psychological Counselling in 2010. Since 2017, she has been on duty as Dr. Lecturer at the Akdeniz University, Department of Psychology. She received training, internships and practices at the Adult and Child Psychiatry Clinics of the Medical Faculties in Ankara, Hacettepe and Akdeniz Universities. She studies anxiety disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and psychotherapies in children, adolescents and adults. She has been trained in cognitive behavioural psychotherapies and play therapy, as well as Gestalt therapy, family therapy, group therapies, psychodynamic therapy and schema therapy. She continues her studies in subjects such as interpersonal neurobiology, attachment, and information processing at the Psychology Department of Akdeniz University.